Unhurried Agency


Virtual coffee morning: Friday November 16th 11.30am UK time 90 minutes

We’re continuing our Friday conversations, sharing ideas and finding serendipitous connections. Our starting point will be this article by Esto Kilpi about shifting from competencies to agency, but where we will go from there is hard to predict. It’s hosted on Zoom, feel free to join us.



What is unhurried agency?

A lot of creative projects fail because the process is dominated by deadlines and rushed thinking. There isn’t time to really get to the roots of the issues organisations are confronting so resources are wasted trying to solve the wrong problem.

Good ideas are often hidden amid unvoiced concerns and half-thoughts dismissed as too small or remote to bother with. Taking more time allows these thoughts to develop and rise to the surface.



We want to design for more serendipity, engineer space for purposeful but wide-roaming thinking. To uncover the unforced idea rather than going for a quick fix. We're interested in unlikely speculations, strange connections and unplanned opportunities. Less emergency problem-solving, more emergent adventure.

Johnnie and Chris Aldhous are developing this approach. Chris is a creative director who has worked for several of the big ad agency networks.

We chat together on Zoom most Friday mornings. It’s a fun, informal fireside chat and if you’d like to join us for this, with no particular agenda, drop us a line. No rush.