Unhurried Coaching for Leaders and Facilitators

Johnnie offers group and individual coaching based on the unhurried approach. This can be face-to-face or online using Zoom. Contact him for details.

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He also offers a monthly drop-in session held online. It lasts for 90 minutes, with six places available:

Unhurried Reflection for Leaders and Facilitators
Monday 26 November 8am UK (7pm Sydney) or 4pm UK (11am New York)

This session will provide time for each participant to share current work challenges and support each other in building their own practice. The aim is to create a reflective space to explore serious work challenges in a creative and supportive way. The group format creates opportunities to share experiences with fellow participants from around the world. The intention is to provide a reflective space for leaders/facilitators who can often feel isolated in their work.

Each session will last 90 minutes with up to 6 participants. The fee is £70 plus 20% VAT if applicable (VAT won’t apply if you are a business outside the EU). Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

To book an online session, or for an informal chat about coaching, use the form below:

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